Ainley Top
Armitage Bridge
Batley Carr
Beggarington Hill
Berry Brow
Birds Edge
Birkby Kirklees
Birkenshaw Bottoms
Birkenshaw Kirklees
Birstall Kirklees
Birstall Smithies
Bracken Hill
Bradley Kirklees
Bradley Mills
Bradshaw Kirklees
Calder And Hebble Navigation
Camp Hill Kirklees
Causeway Foot Kirklees
Clayton West
Clerk Green
Cliff End
Clough Head Kirklees
Clough Kirklees
Cockley Hill
Colne Bridge
Colne Kirklees
Combs Kirklees
Copley Hill
Crosland Edge
Crosland Hill
Crosland Moor
Dalton Kirklees
Deighton Kirklees
Denby Dale
Dewsbury Moor
Dogley Lane
East Bierley
Farnley Bank
Farnley Tyas
Fenay Bridge
Flockton Green
Flockton Moor
Flush House
Fox Royd
Gawthorpe Kirklees
Grange Moor
Greenside Kirklees
Green Side Kirklees
Hade Edge
Hall Bower
Hanging Heaton
Healey Kirklees
Hepworth Kirklees
Hey Green
High Flatts
High Green Kirklees
Hightown Kirklees
Hill Side Kirklees
Hill Top Kirklees
Hinchcliffe Mill
Hogley Green
Holme Kirklees
Holt Head
Honley Moor
Houses Hill
Howden Clough
Jackson Bridge
Lane Head A
Lane Head Kirklees
Lepton Edge
Lindley Kirklees
Lingards Wood
Little Lepton
Little Thorpe Kirklees
Littletown Kirklees
Longley Kirklees
Longwood Edge
Lower Cumberworth
Lower Hopton Kirklees
Lower Houses
Lower Soothill
Lumb Kirklees
Marsden Kirklees
Marsh Kirklees
Meal Hill
Meltham Mills
Merchant Fields
Mirfield Kirklees
Moor Head Kirklees
Moorside Kirklees
Moor Top
Mount Kirklees
Mount Pleasant Kirklees
Nab Hill
Netherley Kirklees
Netheroyd Hill
Netherton Kirklees
Nettleton Hill
New Mill Kirklees
Northorpe Kirklees
Oakenshaw Kirklees
Oldfield Kirklees
Overthorpe Kirklees
Paddock Kirklees
Park Gate Kirklees
Park Head Kirklees
Park Mill
Pole Moor
Prince Royd
Ravensthorpe Kirklees
Rowley Hill
Salendine Nook
Savile Town
Scapegoat Hill
Scholes Kirklees
Sheepridge Kirklees
Shelley Kirklees
Shelley Woodhouse
Slack Kirklees
Snow Lea
Thick Hollins
Thornhill Edge
Thornhill Kirklees
Thornhill Lees
Thunder Bridge
Town End Kirklees
Under Bank
Upper Batley
Upper Cumberworth
Upper Denby
Upper Denby A
Upper Heaton
Upper Hopton
Victoria Kirklees
Wellhouse Kirklees
West End Kirklees
Westfield Kirklees
Westgate Hill
White Lee
Whitley Lower


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Kennels York

KENNELS Kirklees

Below is a directory about kennels Kirklees. Please view the following companies to find a suitable kennels company in Kirklees region.

Preferred Supplier
[ Kennels ]
We (Kay & David Key) publish & author the 'bibles' on kennel and cattery design. Because we design kennels & help people build them correctly, we know up to 3 years in advance of a fabulous new kennels opening, and guide people from thinking about it, to opening or relaunching. The typical standard of kennels is pretty low. I expect you've visited a few yourself and been horrified! There ARE wonderfully caring kennels who want to create a lovely place for dogs to stay... and it is these people I will introduce you to.
[ Since Reeves first launched our dog kennel and run systems over 20 years ago, we have been exceptionally active in developing new and innovative products which have evolved to produce outstanding quality animal housing with an excellent reputation. Our commitment to product development and customer services ensures that the quality, flexibility and overall performance of our kennel and run systems are unparalleled. ]
Preferred Supplier
Bits for Pets
[ Kennels ]
Bits for Pets began its life in June 2005. We began with a very simple and humble website, mainly selling products for small animals, dogs and fish. But from the outset we focused on providing good customer service. We immediately provided a freephone help line for our customers to call on. Unlike some of our competitors, we are here to take calls seven days a week. The fact is that many of our competitors don't provide any customer service at all. When it comes to finding out where your order is or getting replacement parts you can't get hold of the supplier. Shopping with us is shopping with confidence.
0800 043 0965
Preferred Supplier
Kennel Design
[ Kennels ]
We help give you the information & support you need to build the best standard of kennels or cattery you can, to match your & your dogs' and cats' needs, create a building that is easy to maintain and one in which the design helps reduce stress and promote a healthy environment for dogs.
Preferred Supplier
Khyber Kennels
[ Kennels ]
Khyber Kennels Ltd is a family run kennel with one or two extra staff who were chosen for their love and devotion to animals. Khyber Kennels Ltd is set in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, amid acres of green grass and trees. We are close to York, Harrogate, Beverley and Hull.
Preferred Supplier
Overhill Kennels
[ Kennels ]
Overhill Kennels have been established for the past 30 years and are situated 4 miles south of Bristol on the outskirts of Whitchurch village. The Kennels are set in 12 acres of lovely West Country Farmland, and yet within easy reach of the M4, M5 and M32 motorways. All aspects of the business are under the personal supervision of the owner, Meg Purnell-Carpenter and her daughters, Rachael and Lisa.
Preferred Supplier
Croftview Kennels
[ Kennels ]
Croftview Kennels is situated just outside the Kent village of Harvel seven miles from the Gravesend A2 Tolgate Junction or three miles from Junction 3 of the M20 (Wrotham). Croftview Greyhound Rehoming Kennels is run by Cheryl Miller with support from her staff. We will be happy to introduce all of our dogs advising you on their background, temperament, likes and dislikes.
Preferred Supplier
Brierley Kennels
[ Kennels ]
Brierley Kennels is a friendly family run concern owned by Neil Elisha & Fran Glendinning who have been involved in the care of dogs and cats for over 30 years. True animal lovers Neil, Fran and their hand picked team of experienced staff will do everything possible to ensure that your pet’s stay is a happy and comfortable one. At Brierley we offer Quarantine for dogs, cats and mammals along with a collection service. Our Boarding facilities offer holidays for Dogs, Cats, and all small animals, and a full range of services to compliment this.

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